Embarking on a Bold Journey

In today’s world, technology is changing rapidly. But did you know that only 25% of companies manage to adapt successfully to these changes? This means that many companies struggle and fail to keep up with the fast pace of digital transformation. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right strategies and industry experts in place to navigate this digital landscape. 

Welcome To Sangaas

At Sangaas, we specialize in digital solutions tailored to drive growth and transformation for businesses. With a focus on digital presence, company growth, and digital transformation, we offer personalized services designed to meet your unique needs.

The Origin of Sangaas

Sangaas, is inspired by the ancient Tamil tradition of Sangam, where brilliant minds collaborated to solve big problems. Just like them, we bring smart solutions to modern digital challenges.

Sundarrajan Founder Of Sangaas

Our goal is to make digital transformation easy and accessible.

Sundarrajan Subramanian, 
Founder & Managing Director of Sangaas Solutions 

Meet our Founder

We’re excited to introduce the force driving our company’s success, Mr. Sundarrajan Subramanian. He’s an Industry expert in the digital world. Discover his skills and expertise developed over a decade. From IT Executive to Digital Leader

IT Executive Beginnings in MNC 

Starting his career as an IT Executive in a multinational corporation, our founder gained valuable experience in troubleshooting network and system issues. He quickly embraced practical problem-solving methodologies and became proficient in implementing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) strategies. This early experience laid the foundation for his leadership role in deploying IT Security Policies for a prominent BPO unit, where he safeguarded critical data and operations with precision and foresight.

Strategic IT Infrastructure Management in Startup 

In his role at an IT startup, he was instrumental in designing and implementing custom data canters in India IT Hub cities. He oversaw the entire process, from selecting and installing equipment to ensuring top-notch backup and cybersecurity measures. His initiatives also included introducing a Digital Ticketing system to enhance customer satisfaction. Through his adept IT solutions, he and his team significantly contributed to the company’s expansion and success.

Digital Transformation Leadership in Large Retail

Leading a significant project, he designed and implemented a USD 1 million digital transformation for a new retail store, overcoming challenges like unexpected staff layoffs and launching a new store with a budget of USD 20 million. Despite the absence of a designated responsible party after the layoffs, he took a proactive approach and discovered the existing working system through thorough analysis. He introduced a robust IT Cloud Infrastructure to ensure smooth operation for both physical and online stores, prioritizing security and reliability. Additionally, he and his team introduced billing software without disrupting the current manual system and successfully interconnected five branches, enhancing efficiency and connectivity. 

The Rise of a First-Generation Entrepreneur

Drawing from all these experiences over a decade, our founder developed a proprietary framework designed to make digital transformations successful. He tested it out by starting a company Teknogic and implemented it in diverse industry and business domains, including marketing, sales, human resources, finance, operations, logistics, and supply chain management. The results were highly successful, leading to expansion into the global landscape with Sangaas Solutions.

Global Experts: Shaping the Future of Business

We bring together top professionals from around the world. With diverse expertise spanning various industries, we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions to clients worldwide. Our collaborative approach and extensive network enable us to navigate global challenges effectively, driving positive change and achieving tangible results. Join us as we shape the future of business together.

Core Values

Our commitment to excellence is guided by our core values:


Focusing on the present moment and delivering thoughtful solutions.


Delivering streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly experiences.


Maximizing efficiency and delivering high-quality solutions.

Our Approach

  • Collaborative and results-driven approach 
  • Close collaboration with clients to understand goals and challenges 
  • Tailored strategies and solutions for tangible results
  • Expert team with extensive experience in the digital landscape 
  • Focus on delivering measurable outcomes for business success 

Struggling with Digital Issues? We’re Here for You!

If your business is facing digital roadblocks, don’t worry. Our team of experts is here to provide solutions tailored to your needs. With Sangaas, your digital journey is bound to be smoother and more successful.